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Matthew was born in Watford, Hertfordshire - known everywhere as “The Hollywood Of The Home Counties”. Well ... it was going to be just as soon as young Matty had made a name for himself in the TV and film industry.

He blagged and wormed his way out of school at sixteen years of age and to the horror of his headmaster, he talked himself into an apprenticeship in the film cutting rooms of medical documentary company. A promising academic opportunity with a top university had been dashed it seemed. But young Matthew was now on the inside of the “industry”.

He began his writing life at the relatively tender age of 22 writing in children’s drama (hired because he was practically a child) before taking up a post as staff - writer on BBC’s flagship soap, EASTENDERS. His five years with the soap was his film school - he learnt about production and how to combine creativity with trade-craft to make a script shootable. He made friends with other reprobates - Ashley Pharoah and Tony Jordan.

Matthew then went on to write on the seminal, BAFTA nominated drama THIS LIFE as well as on major BBC dramas such as SPOOKS (aka “MI:5” in the US) and HUSTLE, which aired on AMC.

In 1998, he created and wrote his first original piece for television – limited series THE LAST TRAIN, about a group of disparate survivors in a global apocalypse, which was adapted for the ABC network in the US.

This led to more original work for both BBC and ITV before Matthew, Ashley and Tony went to the Northern mecca of Blackpool to brainstorm ideas for TV shows to pitch to the BBC. It seemed prudent to devise a police procedural. What wasn’t prudent was to set that police procedural inside the head of a coma patient and combine it with time travel and the concept of life after death. The result was the internationally acclaimed hit LIFE ON MARS which won 2 International Emmys and a BAFTA People’s Award.

The sequel, ASHES TO ASHES ran for 3 seasons and won numerous TV awards as well as cementing its lead character Gene Hunt as one of television’s most exciting and popular fictional detectives.

Matthew then went on to write on 2 seasons of the global phenomenon DOCTOR WHO - and in 2008 he joined a small, close-knit writing team working with George Lucas out of Skywalker Ranch. Over the following 2 years, he helped storyline 50 episodes of a planned live action STAR WARS TV series and penned 11 of those episodes. In that time, Matthew worked closely with Lucas. If you ask him about it today he will tell you that it couldn’t have happened and that he must have dreamt it.

Since then, Matthew has been working predominantly in the States, writing and running Syfy mini-series CHILDHOOD’S END - an adaptation of the Arthur C. Clarke novel. Matthew exec produced alongside Akiva Goldsman and Michael DeLuca. The show was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Awards.

He also contributed a stand-alone story for Channel Four / Amazon Prime’s ELECTRIC DREAMS alongside writers such as Jack Thorne and Ron D. Moore.

Matthew now creates and produces shows with partner Emma Frost. Which seeing as they live together and work together, could have been a disaster, but is in fact a joy. He has been showrunning THE SPANISH PRINCESS alongside Emma - as a limited series for Starz.

In addition, Matthew and Emma have developed an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s INTERWORLD for UCP and JUDAS - a show for Amblin Entertainment.

Now they have a company, a thrilling slate of shows, a lot of crazy ideas and a whole chapter of life’s great adventure opening up ...