would like to introduce ourselves…

WATFORD & ESSEX is a UK production company established by writers/producers Emma Frost and Matthew Graham, in partnership with International studio Legendary Global.

The Bristol-based company launched in November 2020 with a diverse slate of exciting projects and a determination to be prolific, eclectic, exciting, challenging, populist and entertaining – and above all, writer driven.

Our slate is exciting and it’s growing fast.

We are our writers and creative collaborators…and we are already developing projects with some of the most acclaimed and sought-after writers in the business as well as projects with much newer and hugely talented voices.

A few of those we are thrilled to be working with and alongside are:

Stephen Butchard, Rob Williams, Deepa Mehta, Karissa Hamilton-Bannis, Ashley Pharoah, Misha Glenny, Kirsty Lang, Ella Greenhill, Sian Ejiwunmi Le-Berre, Orla Hannon, Chris Lunt, Michael Walker, Sabrina Mahfouz